Which Search is best for me?

Retainer or Contingency?

As noted, Precision offers searches on a contingency, partially retained, and retained basis. What is the difference and why would you select one over the others? The most obvious difference is that with a contingency search the client does not owe us any money unless we help find their new hire. Why then would any client elect to go with a retainer instead of a contingency? The rationale lies in the commitment we are able to give clients who sign a retainer as well as a reduced overall cost after a successful search. We treat every new client with a commitment to them and what they are trying to accomplish. In doing so, we have to expend resources for each search. When a client shares that commitment to us as well, we are naturally able increase the commitment level increasing the resources we can spend to make sure we have a successful search.


There are several other things to consider in making the decision of retainer or contingency. Feel free to contact us at client@textilejobs.com to discuss your unique situation.  Or fill out our form to learn more.