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For prospective clients, this page is meant to help you gain a better understanding of how we may be able to help you. In 2020, the business climate is unquestionably very competitive, but there is a tremendous amount of opportunity for well run businesses. It is for this reason that it is critical now for your staff to be composed of the top performers possible. It is obvious now more than ever that hiring or maintaining a marginal team will not lead to success, but that having strong leadership will more than pay for itself.  Contact us for more information.

When PPI was started in the early nineties, our niche was in placing mid level managers and engineers in the traditional textile and apparel industry in the United States. The industry now is truly global but there is still only one textilejobs.com.  As the industry has changed, we have as well. Today around 80% of our Textile division placements are in sales, marketing, and executive C-level management. The remaining 20% are primarily in engineering and senior plant management. Our expertise remains in fiber, fabric, and apparel; but our client base has grown. In addition to large traditional US companies, we have been able to help a number of different types of companies in the US and world.   Our client list now is made up primarily of six different types of companies:

  • Today, niche manufacturers make up our largest client segment.  These are companies who have established themselves by providing specialty fabric or apparel and often have a unique story to tell. We place candidates ranging from corporate management to sales & marketing, engineering, and mid management.  Niche manufacturers find that ideal candidates can have a tremendous impact on their overall objectives.

  • Companies based outside of the US who are looking to sell apparel and fabric in the US or are looking to strengthen their leadership.  This was the single largest segment growth for us in 2018.

  • Companies who are importing apparel and fabric to sell into the US helping them find sourcing or sales professionals.

  • Private equity firms as they make new acquisitions and look at ways to strengthen their portfolio companies.  Even outside of the textile industry, we have been able to place top senior executives that either help turn around a company or guide them to profitability.

  • Traditional textile and apparel companies.  Formerly this was our “bread and butter” and they still are an important part of what we do.

  • Major retailers who need a professional with a fabric or apparel background.  We have worked on merchandising, sales, marketing, and quality control positions for these companies

If you are from one of these industry segments or need candidates with experience with one of these segments, we may be able to help you. It is a given that the market for textiles and apparel has certainly changed over the last decade, but there are companies that have been flourishing. The best approaches to sales and marketing are constantly evolving, and they are what bring revenue to your company. It is for these reasons that it is imperative for you to hire the best available candidate when you have a need for your organization. For sales and senior management needs, we highly recommend retainer searches. With our retainer searches we will personally meet you to discuss your needs and plan a strategy to find you the best candidate available. We have found that this allows us a greater perspective in some of the special nuances for these critical executives in your organization. We still offer both retainer and contingency searches for manufacturing and sales for new clients.

Precision Placements has the expertise and experience to help you find and secure the right professional for you.  Please contact us at (843) 475-2699 or email us at info@textilejobs.com , and we can further discuss how we can help you find and place the right talent for your organization.