Overview of Textile Jobs

This is how we work.

As a prospective client thank you for visiting this page.

You are likely searching for executive talent to either fill a replacement need, fill a need created by growth, or help your company reach a new plateau of growth.  If top individuals were easy to identify and secure, you would not need us.  Warm bodies are easy to find.  Securing the person who will have the largest impact on your bottom line and will create the largest return on investment for you is at times difficult.  That is where we come in.  Contact us for more information.

Precision Placements, Inc. has specialized in the Textile and Apparel Industries for over 25 years.  During that time we have developed a strong network of senior executives in the US and overall Western Hemisphere.  We have been innovative by staying on top of the latest recruiting trends and methods while maintaining a core value system of developing client relationships and relating to their needs.  We believe that the proper search begins with fully understanding your company and what will truly take you where you want to go.  Our years of recruiting and business consulting have convinced us that what you need to accomplish is much more important than a title or even formal job description.

We are not as inexpensive as an Indeed ad, however we do offer retainer searches with up to a year guarantee on placements and contingency models that do not require any money upfront.  Either search will help guarantee a solid ROI for you.  If you would like more details on our process please visit our detailed search page, or contact us.