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About Us

PPI is a Senior level Executive Search firm specializing in textile recruiting and apparel recruiting. Contact us here.Our niche is in placing VP level and above executives throughout the country involved in the fabric and the fashion industry, but our industry specialty allows us to place all levels of engineers, managers, and sales people.  Some may refer to us as textile headhunters or apparel headhunters, but we go beyond being just one of many apparel recruitment agencies or textile recruitment agencies.

We started over 25 years ago specializing in the textile and apparel industry.  Textile and Apparel Executive Search is still our core specialty, but eight years ago we separated into three divisions - textiles and apparel, C-level executive (to concentrate on VP, President and CEO searches), and healthcare /IT. For over two decades we have worked with some of the top textile executives and apparel executives in the US and world, and we have developed a solid reputation of finding the right fit.

Our top commitment is not to individual placements, but rather to establishing and maintaining long relationships. One on one professional friendships are what our business is built on. It is for this reason that the candidates and client companies that have worked with Precision Placements have been our best advocates over the years.


We believe in INNOVATION combined with EXPERIENCE

Precision Placements was started over 25 years ago and quickly became one of the top textile recruitment agencies and apparel recruitment agencies in the US.  We bring a unique blend of traditional recruiting and modern state of the art Executive Search along with an in depth knowledge of the worldwide textile and apparel industry. This combination along with a deep professional relationship developed with our clients allows us to find the right professional at the right time.

In the last several years, textile executive search firms and apparel executive search firms have fallen by the wayside because of the way the industry has changed worldwide. It will continue to change at a rapid rate in 2024.

PPI used the changing business climate to modernize the way work to expand throughout the world, and we continue to change. We have maintained our commitment to ethical business principles and traditional executive search while at the same time incorporating new technology and techniques in Senior level recruiting to allow us to become a more effective source.

Our clients have found this along with our business consulting experience has helped them see a greater return on their investment.

Positions we recruit:

C-Level Executives

About 25% of our searches are for positions at the VP level or above (President, CEO, COO). Our years of experience allow us to relate to the unique qualities that senior leaders need.

Sales and Marketing

The majority of our searches center on or have a Sales or Marketing component. Whether it is Account Management, Marketing Support, eCommerce, merchandising, or any other function, we are in tune with your needs.

Manufacturing Management and Engineering

This is the area we started in and probably is still what we know best. Since the industry has changed, we have gravitated away from Manufacturing and Engineering some but it is still our core


Fabric and Fashion design has been an area we occasionally placed people in the past. However in mid 2020 we are starting a huge initiative with a well established European design firm offering contract design assistance as well as permanent placement. More on this to come.

Industry segments we recruit:

Apparel Manufacturers

Companies that manufacture, contract, or import garments

Textile Manufacturers

Companies that manufacture fabric for apparel, home furnishings, industrial or other uses


Apparel or Textile Brands selling primarily in the US

Suppliers to Apparel and Textiles

This includes sellers of accessories and trims, dyes and chemicals, or machinery